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The Illuminating Collection

The Illuminating Collection features our full line of Non-Toxic Skin Healing Solutions designed to address the daily regimen of conscious skincare including our top selling Post-Traumatic Response Gel.  The best way to truly maximize benefit from any non-toxic skin care line is to layer its products, and The Illuminating Collection achieves just that.

At the heart of all Seaside Medical Technologies’ daily skin care products is its exclusive MatrX B™ complex. This doctor-approved, non-toxic illuminating skin care elixir penetrates the skin with regenerating nutrients, hydrating ingredients and powerful carotenoid complexes to draw away impurities and blemishes while reducing redness, irritation, pain, and inflammation.


Brightening Energy Eye Serum at 51% organic, restores the skin from lid to brow while banishing dark circles and puffiness for a renewed, youthful appearance.  Neroli essential oil soothes skin with a refined scent that blends the essence of bitter orange blossoms with a mist of botanical notes.  This lightweight elixir contains caffeine to stimulate microcirculation, Uva Ursi an antimicrobial and naturally occurring hydroquinone to combat hyperpigmentation, and niacinamide to promote skin elasticity.  

Cytotone Waterless Cleanser at 79% Organic is a revolutionary alcohol-free cleansing toner that helps detoxify and purify your skin, cleansing it of makeup and environmental debris.  This refreshing and convenient spray is packed with the finest botanicals, silk protein amino acids, and Neroli hydrosol to banish redness and restore the pH balance of your skin. Feel the difference as your skin is cleansed, soothed, and regenerated to give your complexion an amazingly even, healthy glow. 

Cytotone Facial Scrub & Mask at clinical-grade potency delivers on its promise to give you a brighter, more vibrant complexion. Packed with kaolin clay, sea kelp extracts, activated coconut charcoal and organic willow bark to take you on a sensorial journey to detoxify skin for a deep-clean sensation, and rid it of impurities that often lead to acne blemishes. 

Antioxidant Concentrate at 73% Organic delivers maximum hydration to your face, body, and hands.  Specially formulated by an acclaimed medical doctor for post-trauma repair to dramatically speed up skin recovery after a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure. Packed with powerful antioxidants like vitamin E and C and moisturizing coconut oil, this hydrating concentrate is sure to leave you with smooth, radiant, healthy skin.

Post-Traumatic Response Gel at 60% Organic, is our most popular product and #1 organic healing gel for lip eczema.  This revolutionary gel combines a powerhouse of antioxidants and soothing botanicals like astaxanthin, arnica montana, aloe vera and spirulina to maximize your skin’s natural healing response. You’ll quickly notice the difference as your skin is restored and rejuvenated to its healthiest state within minutes. Post-Traumatic Response Gel is designed to restore your skin’s vitality after minor trauma or cosmetic procedures and protect it from environmental stressors.