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Our Story

Now is the time for a clinical grade healing gel that is lightweight yet powerful, with simple ingredients but extraordinary results for everyday skin trauma needs. This is #NontoxicHealing. This is MatrX BTM.

My name is Dr. Yazdani and I am the founder of Seaside Medical Technologies, an organic cosmeceutical company based in Santa Monica, California. In my medical practice, where I come across thousands of patients with common skin ailments, or who are undergoing cosmetic procedures or minor surgeries, I sensed a demand for an organic, safe and effective medical skin care product to aide in the skin’s healing process, so my patients could get back to their lives quickly, with radiant, glowing skin.

This led to the development of Post-Traumatic Response Gel with MatrX BTM, a multi-use, high-impact gel to diminish the look and feel of post-traumatic stresses on the skin including pain, bruising, swelling, and inflammation.

All of our medical skin care products are clinically tested and science-backed, principles I strongly uphold as a physician.

Just a few months into launch, we are hearing positive feedback from our medical community, patients and businesses who have already taken advantage of The Response Gel to pack into their first aid kits, anti-acne arsenal, topical pain relievers or wherever else there is need for skin repair. There are so many purposes to this gel, I guarantee you will not be amiss of a reason to use it.

The demand for an organic and natural multi-use line that increases the skin’s rapid repair mechanism is ever growing. I invite you to sample the collection line. Try our Post-Traumatic Response Gel on inflamed skin, painful muscles, or any bruises on face and body. Use the spray as part of your morning toning routine and nighttime to remove make up and environmental residues. They’re both safe for all skin types including children as young as 3.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Seaside Medical Technologies, where well designed medical skin care products begin with the intention of bringing joy to the world.