2-Step Skin Trauma Treatment | Seaside Medical Technologies 2-Step Skin Trauma Treatment | Seaside Medical Technologies

Aesthetic Procedure After-Care System

To extend the life of your cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, try our Anti-inflammatory, Vitamin-enriched, Aesthetic Procedure After-Care System. Our 2-step skin trauma treatment was specially formulated by an acclaimed medical doctor for post-trauma repair to dramatically speed up skin recovery and reduce pain after a procedure.

Take advantage of the rapid-repair mechanism of Post-Traumatic Response Gel with MatrX B Complex, a proprietary antioxidant powerhouse of Arnica, Astaxanthin and Witch Hazel to repair traumatized skin following lasers, dermal fillers, toxins, chemical peels and more.  Guaranteed to reduce bruising, swelling, inflammation and pain or your money back. 

Follow through with twice daily use of Antioxidant Concentrate Face and Body, an infusion of premium plant bioactives and 73% organic ingredients to deliver maximum hydration to treatment areas.  

Application of fast absorbing Response Gel in combination with a protective layer of Antioxidant Concentrate will instantly repair and rejuvenate your complexion. 

Complimentary Mini Ice Pack included with the 2-step skin trauma treatment.