A Truth In Aging Review: MatrX B Post-Traumatic Response Gel - Seaside Medical Technologies A Truth In Aging Review: MatrX B Post-Traumatic Response Gel - Seaside Medical Technologies

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January 01, 2018


Reviewed by Lorna
Nasimeh Yazdani, MD., founder of Seaside Medical Technologies, developed this highly concentrated transparent, amber-hued gel, infused with her MatrX B Anti-Inflammatory Complex, a proprietary blend of astaxanthin (an antioxidant 1000 times more powerful than vitamin C), witch hazel (for treating cuts) and arnica Montana (for inflammation and bruising).

The list of beneficial ingredients doesn't stop there. Cucumber Hydrosol contains antioxidants, silica, manganese & potassium. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is also well known in the beauty industry for its anti-inflammatory & anti-aging actions, Next up we have L-Arginine, an essential amino acid with a pivotal role in wound healing. There are also useful and therapeutic plant extracts. One of these is dandelion - high in a multitude of nutrients.

I decided to ditch my usual spot cream, & instead I applied a little dollop of gel to the site of a newly developing blemish, letting it dry on my skin (this usually takes only a few minutes max to absorb) before going to bed. I awoke to find the spot had been completely stopped in its tracks (YES!!). Also, after a recent eye exam, within hours I started to suffer with a severely irritated right eyelid. The pain relief was immediate; it was cooling & soothing, with zero stinging. A few hours later I applied it again before bed and by the next morning amazingly it was completely healed!

The gel is extremely cooling on contact, doesn't sting in any way at all (even on broken skin) & is easily absorbed leaving no residue. There's a slight natural, earthy aroma, which I rather like, but it dissipates very quickly. I'm very sensitive to overpowering fragrances - I even have to plan my route around the local shopping mall to avoid an aggressively pervasive scented candle shop! - so believe me when I say the MatrX B Post-Traumatic Response Gel definitely passed my version of the "sniff" test! Another consideration is that although this transparent gel has a light amber color, it leaves no discernible discoloration after application, even on my excessively pale skin!

So basically, this product is a multi-tasking, skin healing, first aid genius hero! If you buy it for one condition, I guarantee you'll soon find that you're using it for so much more. It's extremely concentrated & potent, so a little really does go a long way, & the 30ml tube has lasted me well over 2 months. For this Truth In Aging review, I would definitely, absolutely recommend MatrX B Post-Traumatic Response Gel!

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