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What You Put on Your Face Matters: Chemicals in Skincare

June 16, 2019

avoid harmful skincare ingredients

The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals onto her body every single day.

Components of everyday beauty routines, such as eye shadows, shampoos, deodorant, and hairspray are to blame. Chemicals in skincare can cause skin irritations, infertility, hormonal disruptions, and even cancer. 

It's no wonder that people are searching for chemical free skin care options to try to reduce their exposure to harmful parabens. What you put on your face matters, so if you're searching for ways to determine which are the best skin care products and what to avoid when you're shopping, you've come to the right place.

Read on for all the details you need to know about chemicals in your beauty products and non toxic skin care options. 

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are synthetic preservatives that some industries use to extend the lifespan of their products. You'll find them in food, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products.

The cosmetics industry uses them in manufacturing their products for a few reasons. Parabens will discourage the growth of bacteria and mold. This allows consumers to keep products in their make-up kits for extended periods of time without spoiling.

Why Should You Worry About Chemicals in Skincare Products?

Parabens can mimic hormones like estrogen, disrupting the function of your endocrine system. A study found that lifelong exposure to estrogen can increase one's risk of developing breast cancer. Because parabens are endocrine disruptors, they can lead to early puberty in both girls and boys.

The use of parabens in male skin care products might also affect the reproductive system of males. A study found that rats who were exposed to parabens showed significantly decreased rates of sperm production. Overexposure to parabens can cause a decrease in sperm concentration, making conceiving difficult.

When you use these products, preservatives are then able to enter your body through your skin. Studies have shown that people who use certain beauty products will absorb up to five pounds of chemicals through their skin in a single year. 

Which Products Should Have the Cleanest Ingredients?

In an ideal world, the products in your skin care regimen are the gateway to the largest organ of our body. The responsibility is upon us to choose organic skincare where possible to lessen the burden of toxic substances entering our skin.  Realistically, the entire beauty industry is not on board yet, and those that are, mainly focus on cosmetics.  So which of the products that you use often should have the cleanest ingredients? 

You should search for natural skin care options for the following products:

- Bubble baths, bath bombs and anything else you might soak in

- Lotions, oils, and creams that you apply and don't wash off

- Shampoos and conditioners as they soak your body as they wash off your hair

- Anything that you plan on using on your children

Bottom Line 

You might be feeling overwhelmed with the information we've shared today about chemicals in skincare. It might even feel like a moot point trying to incorporate a regimen when it seems like all of the skincare brands on the market are chock full of harmful ingredients. 

If you're feeling frustrated, we have a solution for you. Be sure to visit our online shop to find the best, and healthiest, skin care products you can buy. 

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