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Lip Filler After Care

October 10, 2019

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lip filler after care

By Nataly Estrada, 
Reviewed by Nasimeh Yazdani, MD 

I never put much thought into getting lip fillers until I started seeing the trend on social media. Why would I ever want to go through the pain of needle injections, especially anywhere on my face? It seemed like just another beauty trend, though the outcomes on my newsfeed were undeniably flawless. After a week’s worth of research, I scheduled myself for a consultation. Eventually, with careful consideration (and courage), I decided to go for it. Besides the pinching pain I felt during the procedure, my lips were very swollen with some bruising after lip injections. This made me panic and regret getting fillers at all, but after a few days, I had fallen in love with my new lips.

The aftercare wasn’t simple or convenient, but I remembered my favorite organic arnica gel, Post-Traumatic Response Gel with MatrX BTM  had a lot of uses such as sunburn, blemishes, and general pain so I asked Dr Yazdani from Seaside Medical Technologies if it would help heal the procedure I just had. Indeed, that was precisely why The Response Gel was created in the first place. After the first day of using the magical potion I began seeing fast results, and my “get well” prayers answered!

The Post-Traumatic Response Gel helped reduce the pain, swelling, and bruising immediately following my procedure along with the other methods my doctor advised me on. Curious as to whether these other methods I tried are even proven or not, I decided to do some digging and found these 6 after care tips for lip injections: 

Summary of After Care for Lip Injections

  1. Apply Ice
  2. Avoid any activity that increases blood flow or movement in the area of injection, i.e. exercise or alcohol
  3. Avoid smoking
  4. Take Arnica and or Bromelain
  5. Apply topical arnica gel, my #1 choice is The Response Gel 2 to 3 times a day
  6. Consider laser treatment


Applying Ice

Applying ice on your lips post-injection is useful during the first 24 hours. Ice reduces swelling and bruising by constricting blood vessels which causes blood to move away from the skin’s surface. I applied it 10 minutes at a time for 4 hours after my treatment.  Some fillers such as Restylane Silk, has been known to worsen with ice application, so your doctor may advise you against icing with this particular filler.  

Strenous Activity

It’s all about the blood flow to area of injection, and limiting those activities that stimulate blood and more blood flow.  

  1. Exercise can raise both your blood pressure and pulse resulting in more blood flow to the area. You should wait 24 hours after your injection before exercising again.
  2. Alcohol consumption post procedure increases blood vessels to dilate and result in more bruising around the lips.
  3. Saunas, direct sunlight, and hot showers all stimulate blood vessels to dilate, again lead to more blood flow and potential to bruise easily.

Don’t Massage the Lips After Getting Lip Fillers

Don’t vigorously massage your lips right after the procedure.  This can not only minimize the volume created by the filler, but can also lead to uneven outcome or cause more swelling and bruising.

Arnica and Bromelain

Science or Fiction?

In a recent article published in Dermatologic Surgery, which took into consideration numerous small sized studies of Arnica Montana and Bromelain in the treatment of post-trauma care, their conclusion was that there is insufficient evidence to support their use.  Some of the studies in this meta analysis showed statistically significant results in diminished swelling, bruising, and pain, yet other studies did not.  Albeit, they weren’t testing the same set of procedures or the same arnica tablets, bromelain tablets or topical gels.  A 2010 study from British Journal of Dermatology showed accelerated resolution of laser-induced bruising with high dose topical arnica cream.  In our own study with Post-Traumatic Response Gel with MatrX B, where 15 subjects underwent facial injections with fillers, 80% of participants noted improved pain scores, and some experienced faster recovery while using the gel twice daily from day 1-7 post injection. 

Whether Arnica or Bromelain worked to reduce bruising after my lip injection, certainly it didn’t harm me in any way.  The swelling and pain measures were certainly better and I would definitely use it again with subsequent injections.  See, I’m hooked already!

Avoid Smoking

Smoking or vaping has harmful substances which can inhibit the normal healing process and lead to increased pain and bruising after getting lip fillers. Pursing the lips too much such as when smoking may lead to uneven results and is strongly advised against.

Flying After Getting Lip Fillers

It is recommended to wait at least a day after your face injection before going on a long flight. The changes in cabin pressure can accelerate bruising, swelling and dryness. 

Laser Treatment

If significant bruising occurs, consider a touch up laser treatment. Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) treatment, targets bruised areas of the skin by using light which is then converted to heat. This destroys the blood vessel without affecting the surrounding skin. 

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Kyle Lyons
Kyle Lyons

February 03, 2021

I agree that you should really take good care of your lips after the treatment. I recently had these dermal lip fillers London wide, and I was looking for lip filler after care. Thanks for this post!

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