Post-Traumatic Response to Coronavirus

April 01, 2020

coronavirus antioxidant

Seaside Medical Technologies would like to send positive energy to all our clients, and wish them a safe and sound journey through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is of no wonder, the timing of this devastating virus, who's all consumed us into a cocoon of madness.  Togetherness at times like this, delivers a sense of solemn and gratitude.  I am thankful to God for the health of all those dear to us and our communities.  I am thankful to our nurses for defense in the frontlines.  What martyrs they've been, including the doctors, therapists, doctors, admin 24 hours a day at our trusted state-of-the-art hospitals.  Within the trauma surrounding us, therein lies acts of kindness by random strangers and long ago friends - shining bright like a diamond in the ruff.  We are here for you if you want to or need to reach out, discuss your pains, rashes from face masks, coronavirus self-care, or anything about the virus.  


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