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Brightening Energy Eye Serum: Working Wonders for Reducing Signs of Early Aging

June 16, 2019

Brightening Energy Eye Serum: Working Wonders for Reducing Signs of Early Aging

When it comes to signs of aging skin, there's a word you should keep in mind. 

What's that magic word?


Does your skin snap back into place after you smile, or does it hang loosely? The difference is the amount of elastin, a tissue that naturally decreases with age

Luckily, while we can't stop the clock, there are ways to counteract this effect without expensive and invasive procedures. One of them is the use of eye serum, which can take years off one of the features people notice first about you. (Hint: it's your eyes.)

Not all eye serums are made the same, so you have to keep your eyes opened when you're shopping for the best skincare products. Let's take a closer look at what eye serum is and its benefits...

What Is Eye Serum?

You've almost definitely heard of skin creams, but perhaps not so much about serums. Serums are lighter than creams and are usually designed to add firmness and moisture to the skin. Because they are more watery than creams, they tend to absorb more easily. 

Some serums are designed specifically to reduce the fine lines around eyes. In fact, with the right ingredients, the right eye serum is said to be as effective as botox for anti-aging. 

What's in It?

You should look for products that contain some organic ingredients. Some of the best eye serums contain 50 percent or more of organic ingredients. 

There can be more than one active ingredient in an eye serum. For example, you can often find caffeine in a product (such as our brightening eye serum), which assists with circulation. Uva Ursi Leaf Extract has anti-inflammatory properties and the antioxidants in Vitamin B3 are a helpful component when it comes to restoring elasticity. Read the labels closely to see what's in your serum. 

The Benefits of Eye Serum 

Using eye serum is a safe alternative to injections and other procedures, especially since the skin around the eyes is so sensitive. 

Other than naturally healing the skin around your eyes, there's another big plus. Using a serum to smooth out the skin around your eyes makes it a lot easier to apply makeup. Trying to do this with dehydrated or flaking skin can be futile. 

Along with reducing fine lines, you'll likely also find that using eye serum is a way to reduce puffiness around your eyes or even dark circles. 

If you didn't know about eye serum before, hopefully you have a better idea now. There's no doubt you should be adding it to your daily regime, especially if your eyes are starting to look tired. It can also provide UV protection against the sun, to ensure damage doesn't occur in the future. 

To find out more about our eye serum's benefits, and all of the other natural skin care products that can help you turn back time, contact us today

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