How to Get Rid of Bruises: 5 Remedies You Need to Know

July 31, 2019

How to Get Rid of Bruises: 5 Remedies You Need to Know

According to the CDC, 39.5 million physician office visits occur after an unintentional mishap. These accidents can cause wounds, scratches, or lingering bruises to form.

Bruises normally heal on their own over time. 

Why leave them lingering, though? With our five tips to get rid of bruises quickly, you can learn how to decrease the pain, obvious visibility, and bruising embarrassment.

1. Rest

Taking it easy can give you the chance to reduce inflammation and pain. 

2. Ice Therapy

Apply ice immediately after your injury. Chilly temperatures can help reduce blood flow to minimize swelling and make bruises go away.

Reduced blood flow around the affected area reduces inflammation and diminishes the size of the bruise. The smaller the bruise, the faster it will heal.  

3. Arnica 

This herb reduces inflammation and swelling. Arnica Montana is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory remedies in nature, and our Post-Traumatic Response Gel with MatrX B is loaded with it.   

In fact, this fast absorbing gel is designed to restore your skin after a cosmetic procedure and we all know how some of these procedures can be very traumatic.  Bruises don't stand a chance with The Response Gel.  

4. Heat Therapy

If the bruise has already formed, try applying heat. A heating pad, hot water bottle, or hot bath will boost circulation. The increased blood flow will clear any trapped blood, relieve your pain and help bruises heal faster.

 5. Pineapple

According to a clinical study, pineapple even helps professional boxers clear bruises and hematoma after a match. The bromelain extracted from pineapples is also great for swelling and inflammation.

Together, these five tips on how to heal bruises quickly will help you achieve a beautiful, clear complexion.

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