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Treating Ingrown Toenail Pain With A Non-Toxic Gel

April 29, 2019

Treating Ingrown Toenail Pain With A Non-Toxic Gel

Ingrown toenails tend to be incredibly painful, especially when you need to be on your feet throughout the day in any kind of shoe. Now, there is a gel that can help alleviate the pain caused by an ingrown toenail, allowing you to get relief while the toe heals; the gel is called Post Traumatic Response Gel with MatrX B.

How The Response Gel Can Help with Pain

Post Traumatic Response Gel not only reduces pain, it has proven to provide rapid skin healing.  The fast-absorbing gel combines powerhouse antioxidants such as Arnica, Astaxanthin and Aloe Vera to boost your body’s natural healing response.  Additionally, this doctor-approved elixir is organic and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about chemicals or other potentially damaging ingredients being absorbed into your skin.

When and How to Use

When you need ingrown toenail pain relief fast, use Post Traumatic Response Gel as soon as you notice pain, redness or irritation. Clean the area with soap and water, then apply a small amount of gel into and around the toenail bed.  Give it a couple of minutes to absorb prior to resuming normal activity such as wearing shoes or socks. The gel can be used multiple times daily until you no longer feel pain from the ingrown toenail.

Proper Care of the Toenail

While you’re using the gel to provide pain relief for an ingrown toenail, make sure you’re taking other precautions to protect your toe and prevent the ingrown toenail from getting worse. Here are some basic tips:

  • Make sure your feet are comfortable – Loose and comfortable shoes and socks can give your toes more space, which helps stop the ingrown toenail from getting worse. Avoid shoes that put more pressure on your toenails as this will make the ingrown toenail much worse.
  • See a podiatrist or specialist in managing toenail trimmings.  Avoid using sharp objects to pry the nail free or improperly trim the nail.  This can cause more trauma to the nail bed furthering the condition.
  • Keep the toe clean and watch for infection – Even it you take to previously stated precautions, the ingrown toenail can still get infected. Keep an eye on it and seek medical attention quickly if you notice any signs of infection.
Having an ingrown toenail can be very painful, but there is help available that will give you fast relief. Learn more about our Post Traumatic Response Gel withMatrX B™ to relieve pain and heal your toe quickly.

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