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An Amazing Skincare Hack that Will Forever Change your Routine

July 21, 2018

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When we envisioned our product line here at Seaside Medical Technologies, we knew we wanted to develop a multi-use spray that could cut back time spent on skin care routines without compromising effectiveness. One that went beyond cleansing and would not only purify, but could also be used as a pre-procedure, pre-makeup prep, and superficial wound repairer. That vision is what helped us develop our time-saving skin care hack, the Cytotone Waterless Facial Cleanser.
Organic Ingredients are Proven to Deliver Better Results:

Made from 79% organic ingredients and 80 milliliters of pure plant water, our cleanser harvests natural botanicals to deliver better results.1Clinical studies have shown that bioactive ingredients help boost our skin's natural healing abilities, minimizing the effects of aging while reducing allergic reactions and irritants.3
We developed a formula that combines plant hydrosols, silk protein amino acids, and key essential oils, like tea tree and therapeutic organic aloe, with our healing elixir MatrX B™: a powerful blend of Organic Arnica Montana, Witch hazel, and Astaxanthin, which is a powerhouse antioxidant derived from red algae. We also ensured it was free of any parabens, sulfates, petroleum, synthetic pesticides, dyes, or fragrance, as recommended by the Organic Trade Association.2
One of the best features of our Cytotone Waterless Cleanser is the mist of its refreshing scent of Moroccan Neroli hydrosol. Steam-extracted from bitter orange blossoms,4 this refined, unisex fragrance is just the right blend of spicy, bitter citrus notes and clinical grade botanicals.
Discover the Benefits & Uses of our Cytotone Waterless Cleaner:

Our alcohol-free purifier is packed with powerful organic ingredients and fine extracts to provide a homeopathic solution to skin damage caused by environmental stressors and sun exposure. The waterless facial cleanser also works as a toner to help balance your skin’s pH level and give you an even complexion,1 and its regenerating nutrients and powerful carotenoid complexes help minimize redness, blemishes, and inflammation.
It’s a perfect time-saving skin care hack for those times when you’re too tired or too busy to take the time to wash and moisturize your skin. All it takes is a cotton pad and your skin will be rid of any makeup and debris. It’s also a favorite of makeup artists who love using it to prep their client's skin before cosmetic application. A simple mist is all it takes to lift grime and oil from the skin, allowing for a clean, even complexion before a touch-up.
Now that summer is here, I want to share that my favorite time to use the Cytotone Waterless Cleanser is when I’m on the beach. This is when my skin is most thirsty and craving a refreshing, nutritive burst of hydration. Cytotone is exactly what it needs! What’s even better is the spray applicator is made with a convenient locking mechanism for traveling. This convenient multi-use product is a true skincare hack that will save you time and keep your complexion glowing.

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