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Eye Energy Serum Relief for Melancholy Eyes

December 04, 2020

Eye Energy Serum Relief for Melancholy Eyes

by Dr. Stacy Matthews Branch

Few of us have escaped a period when the skin under or around the eyes show signs of worry or stress. This is often manifested as dark circles around the eyes. There are a number of common causes for the circles including, genetic traits, lifestyle (lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption), age, and diet (iron deficiency). You may be dealing with that now more than ever during prolonged periods of quarantine due to the current pandemic.

Stress is a major cause of many changes in the body, including the development of dark circles around the eyes. While under quarantine, irregular sleep and changes in diet and daily habits can take a toll on the entire body and mind, including the skin around the eyes. However, increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol can promote fatigue and decreased appetite that can affect skin health.

While working on the changes that can prevent or lessen the occurrence of dark circles, many want to know what they can apply to the the eye skin for lightening effects. Energy eye serums for tired eyes are designed to replenish moisture and suppleness to the skin. Popular products to provide a more dramatic decrease in dark circles contain the ingredient hydroquinone. Hydroquinone lightens or bleaches the skin by reducing the number of specialized cells (melanocytes) that produce skin pigment (melanin). Concerns with the synthetic form of hydroquinone are the risk of allergic reactions and permanent skin discoloration.

A natural compound that originates from bearberries is uva ursi. Uva ursi contains a compound called arbutin that can naturally reduce pigmentation without the harshness common with synthetic hydroquinone (1). Besides the skin lightening action, uva ursi contains an abundance of antioxidants that protect against UV-induced skin damage. It is a good candidate as an ingredient in energy eye serum for dark circles, and is a beneficial component of Seaside Medical Technologies' Brightening Eye Serum along with other skin-supporting ingredients that increase elasticity, moisture, and blood flow. Combining the benefits of proper rest, diet, and other important self-care measures with the use of healthful energy eye serum can help restore eye skin health and youthfulness.

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