Secrets of Astaxanthin

February 17, 2017

Secrets of Astaxanthin



Astaxanthin Skin Benefits and Uses: reduce effects of photo-aging of skin by taking up radical oxygen species. Moisturize skin, increase skin elasticity and texture. Oral uses shown to have cardioprotective and neuroprotective effects, and protection against muscle oxidative damage from sports injuries.

Chemical structure: xanthophyll carotenoid 

Parts used: extract of red algae H. Pluvialis


Fun facts:

    • cancer-protective carotenoid widely and naturally distributed in marine organisms, like shrimp, salmon, and sea bream, red and orange fruits and vegetables.
    • scavenger of free radicals
    • first used commercially for pigmentation in aquaculture industry , then gained popularity as food supplement when its rich antioxidant properties discovered. Later, researchers found topical formulation have strong antioxidant effect against sun damaged skin.
    • approved by Japanese Cosmetic Science Society for anti-wrinkle product.


Precaution: no large scale human trials have been reported on role of oral astaxanthin as an effective anti-inflammatory remedy. Take under supervision of medical provider.

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